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Branch volunteer Evie Leigh has signed up to make a tandem skydive with the Red Devils Army Parachute team at Salisbury on Tuesday 8 August 2017.

Evie says:-
Evie with her cat Freda

" Many of my friends are calling me the crazy cat lady for taking on this challenge, but it's one which I've contemplated for a long while, and if by taking up this challenge I can raise funds for our local cats and kittens then it will be worth all the nerves and stomach butterflies! The Taunton and Wellington branch of Cats Protection have plans for a new and improved fostering facility and I would be proud, happy and thrilled to be able to make a contribution to that. Wish me luck and please sponsor me! "

To sponsor Evie, please visit her Just Giving page at
It is safe and easy

Follow this link to see what will happen!

Why not join Evie and help more cats!  If you want to take the 'plunge' call us on 03452 602 397 for more information 


Cat Pen Sponsorship

Hungry, homeless and alone, so many unwanted cats arrive at our Branch.

Sponsoring one of our cat pens is one of the best ways you can help, providing them with shelter, warmth, food, medical care and the love they need to prepare them for adoption.

It's easy to become a sponsor right now, for as little as 19p a day.

To get started, just choose the cat and pen you'd like to sponsor from the gallery here:  www.cats.org.uk/twbr 

Please use this link to sign up and Taunton and Wellington branch will receive 100% of your sponsorship

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